Alaskan Adventure Riders - Frequently asked questions

Please read before you rent:

Riding in Alaska's great outdoors is one of the best ways to experience the grandeur and rugged beauty of The Last Frontier. Below, we've tried to answer some questions you might have as you plan your road adventure in Alaska.

Q. I'm in! How do I start?

A. Please read our Terms & Conditions before you go any further.

Q. Can I rent a bike any time of the year?

A. Unfortunately, no. Our rental season is from May 1– September 1.

Q. How can I find out the available dates for the type of bike I want to rent?

A. You can either email us,, or call us at 907-378-2739 (remember we are in the Alaska time zone, this being 4 hours earlier than EST). We'll be happy to work with you in planning your rental.

Q. What's considered a "rental day"?

A. A "rental day" begins at 8 AM and ends at 8 PM. We are open 7 days a week, but on Sundays, from 7am – 2pm, we are unavailable.

Q. Is unlimited mileage part of my rental?

A. No, but 400 miles per day are included as part of the daily rental. Any additional miles over 400 per day, are charged at 25 cents/mile. We calculate total mileage as 400 miles/day X number of days in rental period.

Q. How do I connect with my bike once I arrive in Fairbanks?

A. We are located 2 miles from the Fairbanks International Airport on Airport Way at The Outpost. Pickup and drop off are arranged by appointment.

Q. Do you rent helmets?

A. According to the Liability Waiver that you will sign, wearing a helmet is mandatory, so a full-face helmet is included in your rental cost. We attempt to have a range of sizes available, but we may not be able to provide a comfortable helmet for every situation. Your own helmet probably fits better! Full face helmets are recommended.

Q. Can I send riding gear prior to my arrival?

A. We can receive and store your riding gear before you arrive. 

Secure storage is complementary to any rider while they are renting a 

motorcycle from Alaskan Adventure Riders.

Q. How are the bikes outfitted?

A. All bikes are equipped with windshields, hard-sided cases, tank bags and crash bars. There are no top-cases, but we do have dry bags and Rok straps (1 set per rental). All have ABS, heated grips  as well as hand guards. An OEM tool kit is included, as well. 

Q. What about tires?

A.  All of our BMWs are equipped with Heideneau K60 Scouts.  They are one of the best dual-sport on the market. When you leave our shop be assured that the tires on the bike are in excellent condition. Each have been inspected and the PSI adjusted. Alaskan Adventure Riders (AAR) is not responsible for punctured or damaged tires due to road conditions. You must be able to repair a tire.  We will be happy to advise you where to get repairs, however AAR is not responsible for service and replacement of tires.

Q. What if the bike breaks down?

A. They are constantly maintained so we anticipate that they will be trouble free. In the unlikely event there is a breakdown, we will provide or arrange roadside assistance within Alaska and will provide a replacement bike if one is available. If you wreck the bike, we are not obligated to provide a replacement for you and you are responsible to pay for recovery whether through AAR (we'll charge you $4.00/mile from our shop), or another recovery/towing company. All renters are encouraged to have their own personal roadside assistance from nationwide accredited motorcycle recovery programs like AMA, BMWMOA or others.

Q. Am I responsible for any maintenance?

A. Just a few items to assure the safety of the bike:

  • Check and adjust tire pressure
  • Lube the chain
  • Flush the radiator with water daily or whenever it becomes caked with mud
  • Check oil level and top off as necessary

Q. Where can I ride?

A. You must stay on roads that are maintained by the Alaska Department of Transportation (AKDOT). If you see a goat trail branching off from the main road, assume that it is NOT AKDOT maintained!

Q. What about solo travel in Alaska?

A. On paved roads, not a problem. Our recommendation on traveling unpaved roads, is to go with another motorcyclist.

Q. Can I take the bike into Canada?

A. Yes, as long as we have advance notification; we can then obtain the necessary proof of insurance cards that you will need to have with you. Also, remember that you will need your passport for travel into Canada. NOTE: We do not offer roadside assistance in Canada.

Q. What about insurance coverage? Am I responsible?

A. We provide insurance coverage as part of the rental agreement. The liability insurance covers the Alaska required minimums. If you want higher limits, it is available at a reasonable cost. We also suggest that you contact your insurance company to see if your current coverage extends to rental motorcycles. NOTE: Your insurance is primary to any insurance we provide.

You are responsible for the actual cost of damage to the motorcycle, as well as repair or replacement of any accessories lost or damaged that is not covered by insurance. This includes any body damage, engine damage, as well as damage to the windshield, crash bars, panniers, etc., any of which might be a result from dropping the bike, a traffic accident, or putting the wrong fuel in the tank. Depending upon the extend of the damage, loss-of-use time may also incur an additional cost.

Q. Is your insurance coverage all-inclusive?

A. No. Our insurance company reserves the right to have you pay up to the full value of the motorcycle under certain situations i.e. being cited for DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs) or reckless driving and endangering others.

As we briefly touched on in a previous question, it is important to ride on roads that are maintained by AKDOT. If the motorcycle that you have rented is damaged while riding on an unmaintained AKDOT road, as well as any off-road or backcountry riding, you will be responsible for more than just the deductible (this is part of the Liability Waiver you will be signing).

The Dalton Highway

Traveling the Dalton Highway will challenge even the most experienced riders. The weather, the road conditions, truck traffic, and summer road maintenance are just some of the challenges a rider will face. If you plan to ride to Prudhoe Bay there is a minimum 4 day rental. If you plan to ride to Coldfoot there is a minimum 2 day rental. Here are some web-sites that can help you prepare:

You might also check out The Adventurous Motorcyclists Guide to Alaska ( by Phil Freeman and Lee Klancher.

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